We partner with entrepreneurs and their investors to help build and grow their business.

Our Creativity and Flexibility

Enable Unlimited Possibilities For Your Company

It Makes a Difference

At TriplePoint, creativity and flexibility means taking a unique and fresh approach to how we do things in order to provide an exceptional level of value.  We apply this approach to our customers by focusing on:

Building relationships – At the heart of our creative and flexible approach is the emphasis we place on establishing and building long-term relationships with our customers, regardless of the size or timing of your financing needs.      

Understanding your needs and objectives –  We believe it is absolutely critical to take the time and make the effort to thoroughly understand the needs and objectives of our customers in both the short-term and long-term.    

Utilizing the breadth of our financing products – With an unmatched suite of debt and equity financing products, we can quickly determine a set of solutions for your needs, regardless of how unique or complex they are. 

Negotiating flexible and “win-win” solutions -  Relationships are paramount – that’s why we work closely with you to find and customize a solution – not just a financing. 

Having a customer service focus – We are the only lender that views providing reliable and superior customer service in every aspect of your relationship as important as providing you with capital.  

We Are Uniquely Positioned

Our firm and our team are uniquely positioned to offer you an unprecedented and unmatched creative and flexible approach as a result of our:

  • Unique Lifespan Approach which is focused on building long-term relationships with our customers
  • Industry leading expertise in financing venture capital backed companies
  • Specialized industry focus in technology, life sciences, clean-tech and other high growth industries
  • Broad array of custom-tailored debt & equity solutions 
  • Company structure which gives us the capacity, reliability and independence to meet your needs.
We Are Committed to Delivering What We Promise and To Exceeding Your Expectations.