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And We Continue To Reinvent It

TriplePoint Capital is the leading global financing provider devoted to serving venture capital backed companies throughout their lifespan. With unparalleled levels of funding capacity, creativity, flexibility, and customer service, TriplePoint Capital is the only provider equipped to meet the needs of high-growth companies at every stage of their development. We understand the challenges and needs of your company–from your first round through your IPO–and we're equipped to help you every step of the way.

Jim Labe, our CEO, is widely recognized as the pioneer of the 25-year-old venture leasing and lending segment of the commercial finance industry. He played a key role in creating this method of financing at Equitec Leasing Group back in the early '80s and in establishing this method of financing as an essential source of capital for privately-held, venture capital backed companies. In 1987, Mr. Labe founded Comdisco Ventures, which quickly became the leader in the venture leasing and lending industry. During Mr. Labe's tenure as CEO, Comdisco Ventures provided more than $3 billion in lease and loan financings to more than 970 leading venture capital-backed companies.

We are redefining the industry Mr. Labe first established by offering a superior class of products and services to meet the evolving needs of today's venture capital market. We've spent many hours talking to venture capitalists and their portfolio companies, analyzing the historical performance of the venture financing industry, and literally re-thinking every aspect of the debt-financing process—from the ground up—for venture capital backed companies. Our robust professional team has diverse and in-depth expertise in leasing and lending, finance, investment analysis, and other industries that are complementary to venture capital-backed companies; so that we can help our customers reach their full potential at all stages of their lifespan.

Since TriplePoint's launch in 2006, we've provided almost $2 billion in lease and loan financings to hundreds of venture capital backed companies and are widely recognized as the preferred provider of debt financing in our industry.

We welcome the opportunity to become your company's long term debt financing partner.